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Types of Fencing

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Stable Mesh Non-Climb Horse Fence:
Traditional horse fence at its best. Sturdy 12-½ gauge wire in 3ft., 4ft., 5ft., and 6ft. heights. Tied, stiff stay knot is smooth both sides to protect animals while keeping the fence rigid. Special 2” x 4” mesh size keeps hooves out and prevents climbing. Keeps valuable horses secure. Durable, galvanized construction last for years.
Stable Mesh Non-Climb Horse Fence
Field Fence
Field Fence:
The flexible hinge joint knot gives woven field fence its unique ability to spring back into its original shape. Heavy livestock, falling tree limbs, and fence-jumping critters like deer make this fence the rancher’s first choice. Variety of heights and styles, with 6-inch spacing of vertical wires.
Barbed Wire:
Both Ranch Hand and CF&I Brand styles of barbed wire give ranchers a wide variety to choose from. Ranch Hand round barb constructions comes in 12-½ gauge, reverse-twist wire style that keeps barbs in place. Both 2-point and 4-point barb styles available, with 5-inch barb spacing. Commercial grade galvanizing is suitable for most fencing applications. 80-rod rolls (1320 feet).
Barbed Wire
New Zealand Tensile Smooth Wire Fence
New Zealand Tensile Smooth Wire Fence:
High Tensile Smooth Wire provides an innovative choice for enclosing wide-open spaces. High tensile DW-200 (200,000 p.s.i. tensile) wire is ideally suited to professionally-installed electrified wire fencing systems to keep horses in and predators out. . This type of fence has many cost-saving advantages in large and remote ranch areas. Class 3 zinc coating gives years of extra service as well as a pleasing appearance.
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